Lydia Kalmen


  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Weight: 117


La Justice des Femmes Supporting Dir. Patricia White
Loneliness Lonely Lead Dir. Ana Solano
The Haunting Of Guest Star Lifetime Movie Network
Satan Wears Church Robes Lead Dir. Evan Schwartz
What's Your Fantasy Supporting Lead Dir. Tom Smart


Manfred Spirit of the Stars The Davenport Theatre
The Spyglass Seven Elizabeth Ellet International Edgar Allan Poe Festival
Change Partners Mona Manhattan Repertory Theatre
12 Angry Women Juror 10 Elektra Theatre
Measure 4 Measure Guard/Prostitute/Nun Shetler Studios
Malefic Wonder The Relative with Twenty Eyes Triskelion Arts
In Your Dreams Addie NY Summerfest
Being Sipowicz Evelyn Abernathy 21st Black Box New Play Festival
A Haunting Eliza Montgomery Columbia University
All the Way to Crawfordville Leslie The Producer's Club


Ongoing Training-One to One Infusionarts
Audition/Scene Study Shirley Beth Newbury
Scene Study for Film and Television Jennifer Peralta-Ajemain
Advanced Scene Study Dan Daily Pearl Theatre Company
Acting Certification AMDA

Special Skills

Accents (Southern, British)
Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern), Soprano Singer, Boogie Boarding, Blood Curdling Scream
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